Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Trend Four. Unique Lace

Lace is everywhere. You see it in magazines, at red carpet events and in wedding dresses. Lace isn’t just for your grandmother’s dolly anymore. There are so many beautiful wedding dresses that have unique lace touches to full lace dresses. Brides are now looking for more extravagant embellishments, including romantic lace and detailed beading. As we have been visiting bridal shops around Dallas, which we love to do, we have seen the best designers using lace in their creations. Lace gives that special touch of femininity and innocence.

While in New York looking at the 2007 collections from various designers, we fell in love with how Caroline DeVillo incorporated unique lace into her gowns. Caroline’s gowns are sold at Blush Couture Co. www.blushcouture.com. The dress posted above also is sold at Blush Couture Co. The designer is Bellissima Couture and the dress style is Brigitte.

One easy way to add a touch of lace to your look without adding it to your gown is to pair the dress with a simple, whimsical lace caplet. This way the look can be transformed throughout the night with one small change. Another example of how to add lace to your attire is to wear a beaded ivory mini for the reception gown. This will add a touch of elegance, but in a fun, exciting glamorous way.

There are many avenues for adding lace not only in the dress department. Some trends are extending into other areas including cascading lace table runners, lace heels and bounds of lace for invitations, programs and menus.

If your mother has a lace veil she wore in her wedding, this would be the perfect opportunity to incorporate ‘something old’ into your special day, while incorporating lace. Lace can be added to many areas of your wedding, from a unique detail to an all over style.

Take a look at the fabulous gown collections in Highland Park Village at Warren Barron` or browse online at www.warrenbarron.com. You will see some of the top designers incorporating unique lace into their fabulous gowns.

Send us an email and let us know how you have incorporated lace into your special day.

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