Thursday, June 28, 2007

From Head to Toe: The Unveiling

We are starting a new series of advice and tips for the complete bride From Head to Toe: Let’s start with the top!

The Unveiling.

Picking out a wedding veil can be a challenging decision. Do you want it to be long, short, with lace or jewels? A veil does not necessarily have to match the dress, but should correspond so the two fabrics will not fight for the spotlight. It is your big day, not the big veil day. Many brides take their veil off during the reception because it tends to get in the way. We had a bride a few years ago who had a cathedral length veil for the ceremony (see picture above) but wanted a short veil for the reception. We took scissors to her custom veil for the reception, which made a fun statement. She felt comfortable to dance the night away while enjoying her shorter veil.

If you are the bride who wants to wear your veil to the ceremony and then make a different statement for the reception, there are a few fun options. You can wear two thin, gold Grecian headbands to complete your goddess look and add a pop of sparkle to your night. Another option would be to add a small, petite flower from your bouquet since you don’t get to carry it all night. There is also the traditional jewel encrusted antique hair comb that can be worn alone and with the veil.

Remember it is very important to bring the veil or any hair accessories to your hair appointment because it can change your hair do completely. Your wedding day is the one time you can wear a veil, so have fun!!!

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