Monday, December 29, 2008

Lighting your look...

We LOVE lighting!!! It is one of the things at a wedding that should not be over looked because of budget reasons. Lighting makes all the difference in a room full of crazy wall colors or carpet you need to draw attention from. When we walk into a bare ballroom with a bride it is typically very hard for the bride and MOB to visualize the room with tables, flowers, lighting etc. It makes it so much more difficult when the walls are an awful shade of pink and the carpet is an overwhelming floral pattern....something you look at and think, "Why on earth would someone pick that for a room? Much less a BALLROOM!!" Lighting is the band-aide for an ugly ballroom. It assists in making the floral and tables pop and the guests eyes are drawn to the beautiful table tops. We also love to "wash" the walls with uplighting. This means you can make the walls any color you like! There is also an option to have a lighting technician onsite during your event to change the wall color throughout your party. We've had parties that start with a white wall wash and change to pinks as the night goes on. Changing the lighting changes the atmosphere, which is always a plus! It is fun to keep the guests wondering what will happen next. Gobos on the dance floor are also a fun addition to your wedding. If you have a monogram you want to use or some type of motif you've carried throughout your wedding, the dance floor is a perfect place to display it. Lighting companies can do just about anything!! Lighting makes drab florals look fabulous. Spend less money on florals and put some money into your lighting budget. You won't regret it!!

Some of our favorite Dallas lighting companies are Absolute Lighting and Lite Dallas. They both do a wonderful job and are so great to work with! Absolute Lighting created the look above and washed the room in a gorgeous pink color. Let me tell you, the room above wasn't anywhere close to a pink color but you wouldn't know that thanks to the magic of lighting. :)

Happy Lighting!!!

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