Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Customize your groomsmen

(picture from Martha Stewart Weddings)

I opened my email this morning to find a great email from Martha Stewart Weddings about Tiecrafters.  Tiecrafters is a custom tie making company in New York.   This company loves ties!!  Here is what they say about the history of ties... " During the period of their initial introduction as items of wearing apparel, ties were of necessity "custom" made. The French with their unusual flair transformed the tie into an item of self-expression with multi-colored patterns, one more outrageous than the other. These ties seemed to shout 'This is me'!" When I read this I thought about how much our society has gone back down the "This is me" road when it comes to planning their weddings. I know with the brides we work with, we like to pull in their personality so their wedding becomes there own and mirrors who they are and what they love. What better way than to pull in your colors (with or without a fun pattern) in the ties for the groomsmen, fathers, grandfathers, ringbearer and of course, the groom! It can also serve as the grooms gift to the special men in his life. It is a perfect combo of style and thoughtfulness. I love it!!

Please check out their website!!

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