Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wednesday Wedding Wishes, Num. 2

One popular question we get is where to find good stamps for wedding invitations.  Depending on the style of your wedding, there are quite a few options.  One fun option is to create your own stamps on zazzle.com.  You can upload an engagement picture (after getting approval from your photographer, of course) or a great scenic picture from where you got engaged...you get the "picture."  :)  Another fun option, as seen in the picture above, is to go to a local stamp shop and purchase a collection of vintage stamps in your wedding colors.  It tends to be a little more expensive but it definitely leaves a statement on your envelope.  Just imagine beautiful calligraphy and gorgeous vintage stamps.... how wonderful!!  You can find vintage stamps by looking online through google or you can check out Champion Stamps or Ebay!  

Wishing you a happy day!!

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