Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Wedding Wishes, Num. 5

Spoon Invite via Brown Turtle Neck Sweater

"Why the spoon," you may ask? Today we are all about planning a party, planning a date with your significant other or just planning a night out with your girlfriends before your big day. Sur La Table offers cooking classes of all types at their location on Travis and Knox. Not only do they offer fun cooking classes, they have a store full of goodies you'll need to fill your new kitchen with.

We love Sur La Table because they host you! It is a perfect place for a shower for your wedding. When you host a shower at their location they do the planning, everyone assists with the cooking, you and your guests enjoy what you cook and then they clean up!! How great is that?! Sur La Table also offers couples cooking classes, which would be fun for a date night. Click here to see the current schedule. ....and back to the spoon, the simplicity of the spoon as an inviation caught my eye. You could use it as an invite for a shower (although mailing might be difficult but you could mail it in a box) or you could give it to your fiance' or best friend as a date night invite. Simple...Elegant!

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