Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Wedding Wishes, Num. 11

Photo via Dallas Morning News, FD Luxe

Cruffles.... sounds tasty. They are, in fact, a perfect blend of truffles and cake. The Cruffle has been featured on Daily Candy and in the August issue of FD Luxe. FD Luxe said, "Stephanie Worsham's 'cruffles' are a genious marriage of two decandent sweets- cake and truffles. The innocent-looking treats appear to be your average chocolate- or vanilla-dipped truffle, but bite inside and you'll find a heavenly center of spongy, delicious cake, the really moist kind like mom used to make." There are many flavors to choose from... white cake, strawberry, lemon (yumm), red velvet, chocolate peanut butter, brownie (!) and so many more. To order your own box of cruffles, call 214.518.5039 or go to Here's wishing you a SWEET Wednesday!!

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