Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Wedding Wishes, Num. 22

2010 Top 10 Wedding Trends

1. ‘Welcome Home’ – Many brides are finding it to be more personal to have a ‘backyard’
wedding a la ‘Father of the Bride’. Making a more intimate affair reminds us about the
true meaning behind a wedding, it is all about the marriage and the love between two people.

2. Homemade favors – Send your guests home with something made from the heart. In years past the favor turned into something edible, but consider making something from the heart that reflects your personality or something important to you to send home with your guests.

3. Birdcage Veils – Think old Hollywood glam and add a whimsical detail to your wedding ensemble with feathers and jewels!

4. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses - Letting your brides select a dress that best fits their body will make them love you even more! Select the color and any detail you would like the dress to have or not have and let your bridesmaids select their own gown.

5. End to the Year-long Engagement - Most brides are opting for shorter engagements, anywhere from 6-9 months. Some brides are finding that a short engagement actually saves them money in the end because they don’t have time to change their mind and they realize that their first choice is the best.

6. Butter cream - Many brides are moving away from the sleek look of fondant covered wedding
cakes and going with a more textured look with butter cream frosting.

7. Monochromatic Colors – Varying color within a single color palette…classic elegance

8. Truly Green Weddings – Couples are being more Eco-conscious and actually doing more than just saying they are being green.

9. Video DJ’s – A combination of dance floors, deejays and music videos all for a new twist for guests while they get down.

10. HD and Blu Ray Videography – Upgrade now and appreciate the quality later!

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