Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Wedding Wishes, Num. 28

Sending your dear family and friends home with a delicious treat at the end of the night is always an appreciated nosh, especially after dancing the night away at your wedding reception! So then you ask yourself, what should we send home with our guests? There is the always fun candy bars, colorful candies in uniquely shaped containters always makes for a beautiful table scape. Then, there is the milk and cookie favor, who doesnt love a warm cookie and a glass of milk at the end of the night?!! So, you have made the decision to make your favor edible so why not send your guests home with an international delight they are sure to enjoy, the French macaron! Visit where they can customize your macaron flavors, colors and even the packaging. Panna Dolce's mission was to develop an authentic Laduree-style French Macaron that was true to its classic french roots yet resilient enough to ship cross-country. It took five long years, but they finally figured out the perfect recipe to make the macarons incredibly tender and delicious yet strong enough to handle the shipping process to any corner of the U.S. Each piece of perfect pillowy culinary art explodes with flavor. They are sure to be an international hit with your guests!
Happy 'favoring'!

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