Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and the City: The Movie

“We now pronounce you husband and wife” are words that are somewhat of a surprise to fans of the HBO series Sex and the City that ended after the sixth season with the engagement of Carrie and her on and off love interest known as “Big”. When the announcement was made that a film followed the highly popular and some what controversial show it made since to assume that a wedding would be in included for the newly engaged couple. If you are familiar with the show Carrie as well as her three best friends all struggle to figure out the twists and turns of love as a single and unmarried women but at no point in time unable to keep up with the highest fashions and styles in which New York City throws their way. We thought it would be appropriate to predict what the wedding will turn out to be like by taking from what is usually an outrageous array of wardrobe for the four characters and adding white to the mix to make it the perfect wedding for Sex and the City.

The Bride: Carrie
With her upscale style Carrie has worn some of the top and latest runway fashions. Her closet, being one of her most pride possessions as well as one of the biggest rooms in her small downtown apartment is filled with a collection of countless stiletto shoes from designers such as Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Fendi, as well as accessories such as her many Chanel Couture caps and head ornaments. We expect her to accessorize for her big day in nothing less than in these top designers but of course adding her own little twist.

The Bridesmaids: Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda
The three of her best friends and bridesmaids are all one of a kind. From Charlotte who is the American housewife, to Miranda who is a successful mother and businesswoman, to Samantha who is rather promiscuous and untamed makes it a rather difficult job and some what impossible process to find a single look or color to assign the bridesmaids to wear for Carrie’s wedding. We are interested to see how they are going to dress each woman to her own personality and at the same time still keep the traditional bridesmaids look.

The film is predicted to be one of the biggest hits of the summer. The wedding of Carrie and “Big” is with a doubt going to be over the top. We are excited to see their interpretation of their wedding in the city, and are curious to see what changes and inspirations the movie will bring to future brides on their own wedding day. Who knows, maybe Carrie’s feathery head ornaments and Manolo Blahnik stiletto heals will become this years must haves because like Carrie always says “When in doubt, Accessorize”.

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