Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A little taste of goodness with a sugared rim of southern style....

We are always looking for fun, inexpensive, creative ideas for parties we throw or to give to one of our brides. We found this idea as we were “blog chasing” today and had to share it!!

Here is what the creators of the fabulous labels and drink recipe on “Wedding Style Guide” had to say…..
“Even grown men melt at the idea of rustic life with its home baked kindness, garden grown generosity, hand sewn simplicity and pure charm, so turn those warm feelings into a theme.”
As a Texas based wedding design company, we are always bringing southern tradition and feel into an event. This simple label is a fun way to incorporate the southern, gracious hospitality and to keep your guests cool in the 100 degree summer heat.

Southern Lemon Cordial 

Make a simple sugar syrup by bringing equal quantities of water and white sugar to a gentle simmer until all sugar is dissolved. Allow to cool. Mix 750ml of sugar syrup with 250ml of fresh lemon juice and pour into clean, dry bottles and seal. When ready to serve, fill each chilled glass with 1/3 cordial and 2/3 mineral water, together with plenty of ice and a hint of fresh mint.
Recipe courtesy of Wedding Style Guide

There are three summer colors to choose from. You can visit the site above and print off the labels on your computer, choose the containers you want to use and mix the drink. It will make all your girlfriends go crazy over how creative you are!!!

Happy Drinking!!

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