Monday, August 25, 2008

... On The Catwalk

Girls love fashion. Girls love fashion shows….so what a better way to spend a Thursday night than attending a Vera Wang fashion show in a tent under the stars. The event was hosted by Modern Luxury and Warren Barron , a couture bridal gown shop in HPV. We had a wonderful time chatting with other people in the wedding industry, while admiring the beauty of many gowns on the runway. Of course, we all had our personal favorites and it is fun to listen to everyone’s comments around you as the models strut down the catwalk in gorgeous gowns. “Only someone her size could wear that.” “I love the back of that dress!” “Why don’t model’s smile?” It was a fabulous event and one we hope they have again. In addition to just having a fun night out with the girls (including the beauties in the picture above), we also ran into one of Vera Wang’s assistants that tours the nation with all of Vera’s wedding gowns. We had met her a few years back when she worked for Junko Yoshioka. It was fun to see her and catch up!!

…all in a days work!!

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