Friday, September 5, 2008

AK Event Design featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Magazine...

When AK Event Design was created 4 1/2 years ago we only dreamed of being featured in a national publication.  Now, our dream has come true. :)  We were asked by the editors of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, which is one of the most gorgeous wedding magazines, to create a tabletop based on our inspiration of a painting by Alfred Gockel.  The painting was titled "Romance in Red." (see above picture)  It is a beautiful painting with so much movement we knew the floral needed to have that same aspect.  We collaborated with Bella Flora of Dallas to create a table that caught the eye of all the other designers at the shoot.  Cesar at Bella Flora sat down with us and started sketching out our ideas for the floral, linens and how it was all going to move together.   Once we had the main concept on paper, our team went on the hunt for gorgeous china.  We found beautiful china with hints of gold at Stephanie Anne Home.  One of the challenges we had with our painting and actual floral design was the height of it all.  We knew it HAD to be grand or it just wouldn't go over with the editors the way we envisioned.  In order to bring the height down a little we used onyx crystals that hung from the floral down to the oversized wine glasses.  The wine glasses we also found at Stephanie Anne Home and they were perfect!!  They make you want to pour a glass of wine and curl up with a book by the fire.  They are stunning and really were the connecting item of our china and floral.  The emperor chairs were from a rental company in Dallas.  They were a great option for the picture but not as practical for an event.  

Once the hard work was completed and the pictures were taken.... we just had to wait, for months, to see if our table would be one of the "chosen ones."  We received word in July that our table was going to be featured in the magazine.  We feel so honored to "grace" the pages of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style.  

Happy Viewing!!!

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