Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lovely Dresses!!!

When you see a beautiful dress, you stop in your tracks and try to come up with an excuse to buy it. I found a lovely dress today that I should have purchased. It was inexpensive and simply... stunning. I honestly think there is nothing better than finding something you love and then when you look at the price tag, you gasp because it is totally affordable. Most of the "less expensive" wedding dresses I see aren't made with great fabric and they just look... CHEAP. Nothing is worse than a cheap looking wedding dress. 

Every bride knows that when it comes to their wedding dress, they will pay about anything if they find the dress of their dreams. However, the dress is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. When our clients meet with florists, one of the first things they ask is, "Have you found your wedding dress?" The reason is because it helps the designer understand more about the style of the bride, which in turn helps them style the wedding of the bride's dreams. We had a bride last weekend that wore a gorgeous Lela Rose dress. It was simple, elegant and had a little bit of a vintage look to it. You can probably imagine from her dress what the wedding was like... it was in a garden setting with candles hanging from the trees. Her favors were carmel dipped apples and her floral was very simple with a vintage twist. Just from seeing her dress, I knew exactly the feel she wanted for her wedding.

The dress tells a lot about the woman in it, which is why we LOVE WEDDING DRESSES!!! I've always been a fan of J.Crew and they've recently come out with some beautiful wedding gowns. They are on the affordable side and are simple, elegant and state the design of the bride nicely. If you saw one of the dresses walking down the street, you would know exactly what type of wedding it was walking to.

Happy Dressing!!

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