Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday Wedding Wishes No.34

Getting engaged over the holiday season is such an exciting time not only for the couple but their families too! 6 Hanukkah's ago my husband proposed to me and it caught me completely off guard. Thankfully I had just had a mani/pedi earlier that week, so my nails looked nice when I showed off my fabulous ring. Are you suspecting an engagement this holiday season? Here are a few tips to keep your fingers looking fabulous for that special ring ;-)

1. Get a Manicure! If you're like me a manicure doesn't seem to last as long as you hoped it would, so consider the newest in lasting manicures. There are two different '2 week' manicure options and they don't ruin your nails. There is either the OPI Axxium or Creative Nails Shellac. Get a pedicure too, you deserve it!

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! During the colder months our keeps takes it pretty hard, so don't forget to put on lotion and put it on often! Bliss Spa makes a great High Intensity Hand Cream. Put one in your car and one in your purse and they make great gifts too!

3. Keep a back up cell phone charger in your purse or car just in case you run out of battery calling all your family and friends. Sharing the exciting news is so much fun!

4. Keep your camera handy too for all those photo worthy moments! Make sure your battery is charged and your memory card has plenty of room ;-)

May all the marriage proposals go off without a hitch, may everyone have their own fabulous engagement story and may you all have a wonderful time planning your wedding.

Congratulations to all who get engaged over the holiday season!

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