Friday, June 13, 2008

A handbag for every personality...

Handbags are a girl’s best friend, oh wait….I think it is diamonds but handbags don’t fall too far behind. When I see a great handbag or clutch I immediately think of my friend Angie, the co-founder of AK Event Design. She has more handbags then anyone else I know and they are all fabulous!! She also is the main contributor to my handbag collection. So, of course, when I found these darling little handbags I immediately thought of my handbag guru… I won’t even get into her fabulous shoe collection but I’m sure it will come up at a later date. ☺

Talk about finding inspiration…. I want to plan an entire event around these little jewels. They are modern but have a feminine edge that almost takes my breath away. I wish I was the brilliant one that created these adorable clutches but I’m not. The creator and founder, Aki Takada is based in Manhattan (what girl doesn’t love THE CITY) and all the products are made of 100% cotton fabric. Some of the fabrics are rare vintage textiles from the 60’s and 70’s. I think these would be a perfect and unique gift for your bridesmaids. I envision them being monogrammed on the inside to make them uber personalized and filled with a piece of jewelry for your special ladies to wear on your special day. Handbags and Jewelry….I think I’ve come full circle.

Happy Shopping!!!

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