Thursday, June 19, 2008

The "Something's"...

Something Old
Something New. 
Something Borrowed.
Something Blue.
(referred to as the “Something’s”)

As a bride prepares for her wedding day, she has the thought of what her “Something’s” will consist of. However, do brides really know the history and wonderful tradition of the saying? The “Something’s” has been around for many years, and for many brides the meaning and tradition behind these items has been unknown. We thought we would offer all of the brides a quick history lesson!

HISTORY: Dating back to the Victorian times, the old English rhyme has made it customary for brides to follow it’s advice for hundreds of years. Each item is meant to bring the bride good luck in their new “Mrs.” life.

Something Old: Represents a tie between the bride’s family and their past.

Something New: Represents good luck and success in the future for the bride’s new life.

Something Borrowed: represents a reminder of her friends and family who will always be there for help when she is in need.

Something Blue: symbolizes loyalty and faithfulness.

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Happy Somethings!!!

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