Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stamp of Approval

I am crazy about personalizing gifts for my friends, brides, bridesmaids, my family…the list could go on. ☺ I am a firm believer that a gift is treasured for years to come when it is made for a specific person. As I was going through our inspiration book (a book full of article clippings, pictures and anything inspiring to our team) I ran across a fun gift that I am crazy about but had lost in the shuffle of other wonderful, inspiring things. The article had been pulled from a Martha Steward Wedding magazine about a year or so ago….but it is still just as fabulous as the day I found it.

Here is what the editors of Martha Stewart Weddings had to say about the great stamps:
“Custom rubber stamps, each bearing a bridesmaid’s name in elegant script, let you- and your attendants- make a good impression. Ask a calligrapher to pen the women’s names, then have a specialty vendor or office-supply store turn them into rubber stamps. Use the stamps to imprint names on pretty box tops; place stamps inside with ink pads nestled in tissue paper. Calligraphy by Elizabeth White-Pultz.”
Of course, we have been researching ways to get this done. We spoke with our favorite invitation designer, Alyssa Reeves – founder of Paradise Design Co.- who said she would be able to help us create a stamp. There are many great calligraphers and script writers in Dallas that can come up with the signatures. Once you have that…you are off to create your stamp. Martha Stewart Weddings had their stamps made at Stampworx 2000. You can also google office- supply stores in your area and I’m sure they would be able to help you, as well.

Happy Stamping!!!

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