Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Map it out...

Brides always want unique items for their wedding...whether it is having a unique favor for their guests to having their reception at a unique place... brides crave individuality!!!  I love reading wedding blogs to find new and different items to suggest to our brides.  I found a map, similar to the one above, a few years ago in a magazine.  The price for the customized map was a little ridiculous to me so I've never suggested it to a client.  However, when I ran across this map on one of my favorite blogs today, I had to share it!!!  The creator, Laura Hooper, is based in Los Angeles and owns LH Calligraphy.  She is so talented and her work is well as, UNIQUE!  She sells her customized maps on Etsy.   You can hire her to do your calligraphy through Etsy or contact her directly.  

Happy Mapping!!!

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Laura said...

Thank you so much for including my maps on your blog! I hope to work with you soon.