Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Something Blue...

Photo Credit from top left corner: Southern Living – Blue bouts; Blue dress by Maggy London, available at Nordstroms;Shoes – Manolo Blahnik, available at Neiman Marcus;Blue Cake – Photo via; Blue Dress, available at Threads; Shoes – Stuart Weitzman available at Stuart Weitzman

Unless blue is one of your wedding colors most brides have a hard time finding their “something blue” item. Many brides have blue on their garters but with garters being less and less present on bride’s legs…. You’ll need to find another way to incorporate your blue.

What is blue? It is always nice to have a beautiful sapphire ring on your hand that represents your “something blue.” I’ve had quite a few brides take this approach. An idea I always love is to get a personalized label made for your fabulous wedding gown. You can have it made with blue stitching and your seamstress can attach it to your dress. It makes for sweet memories and of course a fun picture to have in your wedding album.

Some ideas that are a little easier and more DIY …. You can have your bridemaids sign the bottom of your shoe in blue ink. You can have a calligrapher write your name and wedding date on the bottom of your shoe….just in case you wear them again and don’t want eight names on the bottom of your NEW Christian Louboutin’s. ...attaching a blue ribbon around the top of your bouquet is also a simple option.

There are many ways to bring in your “something blue.” I am more traditional and love to see the “something blue” present during the ceremony verses the reception. …as I always tell our brides, “It is your wedding and you can do just about anything you want.” One of my favorite "something blue" idea was a bride who used her grandmother's broach, that contained sapphires, as her blue item. It was attached to the ribbon on the stem of her beautiful bouquet. It served as her "somethiing old, something borrowed, and something blue." Be creative and make it special to you!!!

Happy Day….

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