Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Something Old

For most brides today, wearing your mother’s wedding dress is not an option for your “something old”, whether it is because the dress is out of style or that it will never fit…no matter what crash diet you try. There are several other creative options that have been substituted and still carry the same sentimental values. One option recent brides have chosen as their “something old” has been to use a piece of fabric from their mother’s dress and make a handkerchief to carry the day of their wedding. Another fun idea is to wrap the wedding dress fabric around the bouquet. Other brides have chosen to carry or have one of their bridesmaids carry their family Bible at the ceremony. If you are fortunate enough to have heirloom jewelry in your family incorporating it into your attire is another great option.  Another recent bride we worked with used her late grandmother’s broach on her bouquet. Our bride stated, “It is like my grandmother is right here with me on my special day.” Get creative when thinking up ways to bring your “something old” into your wedding day.

Happy heirloom hunting!!!

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