Thursday, July 10, 2008

Something Borrowed...

Your mother’s pearl necklace, your grandmother’s diamond ring, your best friend’s beautiful lace veil…. These are all “something borrowed” you can use for your big day! A fun idea and something that can be used for years to come is to create a handkerchief that is used among your group of close girlfriends. As each friend gets married you can get their name and wedding date monogrammed on the handkerchief. It is a unique “something borrowed” that can be passed down through the years….even to the daughters of the original brides. The “something borrowed” item gives you, as the bride, an opportunity to be as creative as you see fit. Other than symbolizing happiness, the “something borrowed” also reminds you, the bride, that you can always depend upon your friends and family. ….what better way than to bring your best friends into your special something!!

Happy Borrowing!!!

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